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Embracing Our Work Family

As any professional can attest, we spend a lot of hours at our workplace - dependent on your career, some people may spend more time with their co-workers than with their own family. While we try to not make this the norm at GW Architecture Inc. we do recognize that our work family is an integral part of our lives.

Our co-workers become an extended branch of our family. We see each other each morning for our first (or second) cup of coffee, we eat meals together (often at Pho No.1), we support each other to meet deadlines, listen when a co-worker needs to vent and occasionally end our days reminiscing over our of projects with a glass of wine (or more coffee).

At GW Architecture Inc. we understand the importance of a well-knit and functional work family.

Blending interests and hobbies across a team of designers, architects, technicians and managerial staff can bring challenges, but we all have one thing in common. The love of our job and our team. GW Architecture Inc. makes the effort to bring everyone together at least once a month for an activity that will get some out of their comfort zone, while allowing others to lead the group. Always taking turns who orchestrates the event, bringing all components of the team into different roles.

This past month our staff came together to plant succulents in glass terrariums. The activity was a new experience for most; some had never planted at all before (Brian), others were seasoned gardeners (Alison) and we only heard one grumble (Darren) before the activity started. Melanie and Ashley became plant parents, naming their new family additions, and vowing to do their best to keep these plants alive! Giovanni, being the architect he is, creatively built the bowls into a terrarium wall! The event was an overall success; a lot of laughs were had by all, leaving a very messy boardroom and many green additions to our office space and desks.

If you're considering a new design project, come in to meet our team - we promise to let you join in the family fun too!

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