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What do architecture + wine have in common?

Nestled in the rolling and picturesque hills of Italy, there is a quaint town called San Giovanni in Galdo. A walk down the narrow cobblestone roads leaves visitors feeling as though they’ve entered a storybook from their childhood. This magical little town is the hometown of Giovanni Geremia, a principal of GW Architecture Inc.

Giovanni lived in San Giovanni in Galdo until the age of ten when his family immigrated to Canada. Although his roots were never forgotten, he did not return to his hometown until 2001 when he brought his father for his 80th birthday. During this visit, Giovanni reconnected with his hometown and his family home that remained in the family’s possession. His renewed connection with his heritage quickly grew into a love for the town and surrounding area, motivating him to renovate and modernize their 300-year-old family home and visit multiple times a year.

As wine lovers and connoisseurs alike will agree, some of the finest wines can be found in Italy, and a visit is not complete without experiencing a few. Giovanni sampled the vineyard options in the area throughout his visits and began to favor the local co-operative, Cantina Valtapinno. Over the years, Giovanni became acquainted with the manager of the Cantina, Luciano, who was always welcoming and friendly. Luciano takes obvious pride in the wines he produces, always willing to explain the process of selection through fermentation and final packaging with visitors to the Cantina. Over numerous visits, Giovanni expressed his sadness at returning to Canada where he would not have access to Cantina Valtapinno’s wines. As many grand ideas form, over a glass of wine, Giovanni and Luciano hatched a plan to import the Cantina’s wine to Giovanni’s home in Manitoba.

Shortly afterward, GW Wine Imports was incorporated and began the process of bringing select blends of Cantina Valtapinno’s wines to Manitoba. The primary label selected for import is Rocca del Falco, available in both red and white. It was selected due to its unique grape, being a rarity for import in Manitoba, and its award-winning taste. The grapes for this wine are grown in the area known as Campobasso, Molise; a short distance from Giovanni’s hometown. The trebbiano (white) and multipluciano (red) grapes are exclusive to the area and are harvested by hand in small cases. The white is described as an intense flavor with hints of flower and arachidic yellow fruit; it is fresh and balanced with a strong minerality. The red is a deep red with a bouquet reminiscent of violets and a scent of cherry, with a pleasant grassy note. The taste is dry, acidic and austere.

An Italian architect’s dream to experience a taste of his hometown in Canada will allow you to as well. Rocca del Falco will be available in Winnipeg, Manitoba in autumn 2018.

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