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Lifelong Learning

At GW Architecture, we believe that learning is a lifelong process and value the choice to pursue higher learning. GW Architecture supports continuing education for all our employees. Half of our office is currently enrolled in post-secondary education programs. Continuing education allows our employees to grow and develop skills that advance their knowledge and expertise to fulfill their career potential.

It is said that education is an investment that always pays back in benefits. We’d like to acknowledge the efforts of our very own, Ashley, Faye, and Bailey who are currently managing time between the office and attending school. Ashley, in her graduate studies at the University of Manitoba is on her way to pursue a master’s degree in Interior Design. Faye is attending the University of Manitoba as well working towards a degree in Environmental Design and Bailey is currently enrolled in the Business Administration program at the University of Winnipeg. By combining knowledge and hands-on experience, they can thrive in their fields. We wish them all good luck with their studies!

The journey can be challenging but nonetheless rewarding. GW Architecture is extremely proud to announce that our own, Brian Wall has graduated from the RAIC Architecture Syllabus Program at the National Festival of Architecture Convocation Ceremony in Toronto in October 2019! The culmination of years of hard work has paid off. Congratulations!

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