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Nicaraguan Beach House well under way!

We are pleased to announce that construction is now well underway on a 2,800 square foot, two storey beach-front home at Coco Beach near Ostional, Nicaragua (on the border of Nicaragua and Costa Rica).

Understanding tropical living in a foreign country was key to the successful design of this home. A North American approach would have limited the contractor’s ability to use locally sourced materials and labour considerably. Fortunately, our very own Brian Wall (CT Arch) is in the process of building his own home in Nicaragua (the guest-house is now completed) and has become familiar with local building practices and materials as a result.

This project is unique for a variety of reasons. Nicaragua is a developing country which presents challenges related to the availability of building materials and skilled trades people. International design projects are inherently more challenging simply because of the vast distances involved and in this case the issue is compounded because we never actually met the client prior to construction starting. The design phases for this project were completed entirely by email and secure electronic file transfer. It was not until construction began that we met the homeowner for the first time!

Things are moving along nicely now and we will continue to update the blog as progress continues.

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