September 1, 2016

This building doesn’t end at the façade.  The process was about more than a building as an object.   As our third commission, we developed a good understanding of the MNP corporate culture and their work process.

This building in Humboldt, Saskatchewan has a unique exterior, but inside is where the story really begins.  When you walk in, you immediately experience MNP’s solid commitment to their clients.  Time and material are not wasted; efficiency and thoroughness are evident.  MNP Hu...

November 2, 2015


Check out our submission for the “Barcelona Temporary Pavilion”, an international architecture competition produced by AWR Competitions in Rome.


The purpose of the competition was to design a mixed use pavilion to support a diverse array of activities occurring at one of Barcelona’s busiest marinas.


The concept of the viento pavilion combines wind, water, and motion. The structure is designed to be a fluid surface. The floor, ceiling and walls are combined into one single element. A low wall is...

October 29, 2015

We are proud to announce MNP has moved into their new building in Deloraine, Manitoba.  With last year's completion of the Virden, MB location the staff in Deloraine were eager to receive the keys to THEIR new digs. This is yet another project completed for Crane Steel Structures based in Brandon, MB.

MNP is one of the largest full-service chartered accountancy and business advisory firms in Canada. MNP's head office is in Calgary, Alberta, and has offices from Vancouver Island to Montreal.  The...

October 26, 2015

Our submission was created for “Treehousing”, an open International Wood Design Competition for the XIV World Forestry Congress held in Durban, South Africa.


The competition called for the design of a wood high-rise, one which suggested solutions to the growing issue of deforestation.


gw architecture inc. submitted a building which used large open glulam frames to support and elevate modular residential and commercial spaces from the street level. The majority of the transitional spaces througho...

September 4, 2015

Another summer has come and gone and the gw architecture staff are pleased to announce their triumph over nature once again.  Well, all are proud except one, but we're not mentioning any names.


Blaine Rebko walked away with a plethora of excellent prizes for scoring the first and the most fish of the day. Giovanni Geremia demonstrated (with clinical precision) how to catch the tiniest of fish while Hussein Ibrahim "schooled" all of us with the biggest fish of the day.  Tony Taguinod walked...

July 21, 2015

Winnipeg’s ‘North End’ is often a difficult neighbourhood to live in. The high incidents of crime and gang violence, poverty, drug usage and deteriorated housing victimize good people every day. And for countless many, there appears to be no hope in sight.


But there is a place...


The North End Family Centre exists to be a place that provides refuge, friendships, and resources to help people successfully move forward, so they themselves can improve the health of the community.  


Unfortunately, th...

June 26, 2015

We are pleased to announce the addition of Emily Bews to the gw architecture inc. team.


Emily has recently received her Bachelors of Environmental Design through the University of Manitoba. She will be working in the office over the summer, gaining office experience and assisting with a number of design competitions. Although Emily is planning on returning to school in the fall (to gain her Masters in Architecture) we're grateful to have her while we can.



Thank you Emily for giving us your summ...

May 25, 2015

We are pleased to announce that our growth continues with the addition of Tony Taguinod.  Tony recently emmigrated to Canada from the Philippines and we feel quite lucky to have him working with us.


Tony brings a vast expertise with him and adds to the dynamics of our team with his experience on projects across the globe. After completing his education eleven years ago, he continued to grow in his understanding of conceptual design, project management and construction documentation as an ar...

February 5, 2015

Form, function and modern design have come together on the Pacific Coast of Nicaragua, only 10 KM north of the Costa Rican border in a region known as Playa Coco.


With construction recently completed, the owners now occupy their modern and extremely functional five bedroom, 2800 ft. sq beach house.  With as much deck space as living space and a two storey sliding glass wall, gw architecture inc. has made the most of the beach experience for a Canadian couple now residing (part-time) in Nicaragu...

November 20, 2014

We are proud to announce MNP has moved into their new building in Virden, Manitoba.  With last year's extreme low temperatures and spring-time flooding behind us the Manitoba born MNP is finally moving into their new 9,500 sq foot office building.  


MNP is one of the largest full-service chartered accountancy and business advisory firms in Canada. MNP's head office is in Calgary, Alberta, and has offices from Vancouver Island to Montreal.  The firm is currently expanding rapidly on the prai...

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