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Studio 511

511 River Avenue, Winnipeg, Manitoba


GW Architecture Inc. initiated this project upon hearing of the proposed demolition of the historic First Church of Christ Scientist in Osborne Village.  Our project team searched out a developer to aid in the preservation of this heritage building.

We worked closely with the selected developer, Stonebridge Development Group, to establish a plan of action to save the building. The project team formed a plan allowing for the adaptive re-use of the structure, converting the heritage building into 46 condominiums.


GW Architecture Inc. initially assessed the building condition and prepared a formal code analysis, providing recommendations on how to bring the building to current code standards. The design developed met code objectives and revitalized the vacant structure; in turn revitalizing the surrounding area and allowing a landmark to remain in the community. 

Several attempts to develop the structure were previously made, but ultimately failed due to high costs per unit and City of Winnipeg zoning restrictions. GW Architecture Inc.'s proposal of 46 units, were twice the amount as previous concepts, made the project financially feasible. The number of proposed units required a concise design and strict co-ordination with sub-consultants. A car share program was introduced to address City Bylaws, minimizing the required number of parking stalls for the building. GW Architecture Inc. worked diligently to ensure neighbourhood and City of Winnipeg support during the conceptual stages of the project. We found the support of the City and the surrounding neighbourhood were significant influential factors in the projects success. 

This project was featured in Canadian Property Valuation in November 2017; to read the article please click here. 

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