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Shaw Communications
Call Center; 14 Fultz Blvd, Winnipeg, Manitoba


GW Architecture Inc. acted as the Prime Consultant and worked hand in hand with the Shaw Communications design team to create dynamic and impressive working environments for their employees. Every project utlizes a Client based approach with the Shaw Communications brand inherently found within the spatial planning and chosen furniture and finishes.  

Open concept floor plans established a sense of approach-ability between employees, therefore improving inter-office communication and allowing for impromptu interactions.  Areas of respite and relaxation are interspersed throughout the space, creating moments of relief and relaxation from the energy of the activities of the workplace. Additionally, meeting spaces of various sizes are distributed throughout the space, such as small break out spaces, informal meeting rooms, generous training rooms, and full size cafeteria. 

These spaces provide opportunities to host informal meetings between coworkers, thus facilitating collaboration, spontaneous conversation, and relaxed communication. The diversity of interactions made possible through the design reinforces the cohesiveness between employees, generating teamwork within a positive working environment. 

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