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Via Rail ● Union Station

123 Main Street, Winnipeg, Manitoba


​​Via Rail's Union Station in Winnipeg, Manitoba is a National Historic Site. Giovanni Geremia was hired by Via Rail to perform a code analysis of Union Station. The objective of the project was to ensure
the historic building aligned with current building codes and to complete necessary renovations to ensure the preservation of the structure.

During the code analysis phase, multiple concerns were raised, including the location of the stairs in the center of the structure. This was an area of concern according to the current building code for egress. Each unique challenge encountered was addressed and positively resolved, resulting in the historic
structure aligning with the current National Building Code.

The project also encompassed preservation and cleaning of the exterior stone, replacement of all windows and main canopy restoration, including the iconic clock facing Main Street. Further interior renovations took place resulting in adaptive re-use of the historic space, including the addition of a market inside the station, influences in initiating the existing train museum, and renovating the waiting area for more efficient use of the space.

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