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Five Star Architect!

Every year Heritage Winnipeg recognizes those who are exceptionally dedicated to the protection, restoration and conservation of Winnipeg’s built heritage. The organisation tends to focus on people who seek to sensitively restore buildings so that those structures become a productive element of the economical, cultural and social fabric of the community.

Giovanni Geremia has received a total of five such awards during his long and illustrious career as an Architect. In 1989 he received his first for the addition to St. Charles Church at 320 St. Charles Street. He didn’t have to wait long for his second. In 1990 he received an award for the preservation of Kerr House, 351 Assiniboine Avenue. Then in 2003 he was honoured for his dedication and vigorous efforts (as part of a coalition) to preserve a building of great historical and architectural significance. That building was the Eaton’s building which was ultimately demolished to make way for the MTS Centre. In 2006, there was another. This time for the successful rehabilitation of 134 West Gate, a designated historic house and a quarter century “labour of love” project, in Winnipeg’s distinctive historic neighbourhood of Armstrong’s Point.

Now in 2014 Giovanni proudly received his fifth such award. This time for historic First Church of Christ, Scientist, now known as Studio 511, at 511 River Avenue. This was awarded for the leadership and design of this residential conversion, thereby contributing to the preservation of a neighbourhood landmark.

Unfortunately Giovanni was out of town during the last award ceremony and we didn’t get a shot of him receiving the award. We’re making up for that now with this photo of Giovanni (somehow) holding all of his Heritage Winnipeg accolades. We think they look good on him.

Congratulations Giovanni! We’re so proud to work with an Architect so devoted to the preservation of local buildings of great historical and architectural significance! We’re all looking forward to your next one.


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