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Playing in Traffic

Part of our team goofing-off after a coma-inducing lunch at The Keg downtown Winnipeg last week.

From left to right starting with the back row, Darren Albert (Nuclear-Powered Senior Technician), Giovanni Geremia (Partner/Principal Architect), Brian Wall (Partner), Alison Gilbert (Monetary-Engineer), Melanie McConnell, Erika Ulrich (Director of Interior Design), (front row starting left) Tony M. Taguinod (Tesla-Powered Technician), Jordan Houde (Solar-Powered Technician), Bailey Wall (Project Manager/Technician), Antarpreet Sandhu (Administrative Technician). Obviously the most devilishly handsome member of the team is behind the camera (as usual).

No need to mention this photo to the Worker's Compensation Board.

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