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gw architecture staff fishing expedition - 2015

Another summer has come and gone and the gw architecture staff are pleased to announce their triumph over nature once again. Well, all are proud except one, but we're not mentioning any names.

Blaine Rebko walked away with a plethora of excellent prizes for scoring the first and the most fish of the day. Giovanni Geremia demonstrated (with clinical precision) how to catch the tiniest of fish while Hussein Ibrahim "schooled" all of us with the biggest fish of the day. Tony Taguinod walked away with a prize for having lost the most lures while Bailey Wall impressed everyone for having snagged the most hooks within the shadows of the deep. There WAS a surprising upset when Darren Albert so easily took the prize for having most colourful language on Lake of the Woods that day.

Unfortunately there was no prize given for the most beer consumed during the shore-lunch or Shane Neufeld and Brian Wall would have walked away wealthy men. Sadly, they went home with empty hands, although not nearly as empty as Emily Bews, who caught nothing more than a cray-fish all day. Ok, so we lied about not mentioning any names!

If you've got six minutes, check out the video above!

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