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The "Dairy Barn" is completed!

A while back we highlighted the "Dairy Barn" project for Shaw Communications. Construction is now completed and Shaw is now occupying the 9800 foot² Tech Touchdown / Production facility.

The facility became known as the Dairy Barn because of its former life as a lab facility operated by the Dairy Producers Marketing Board. The design included a plethora of interesting design elements and speaks volumes about Shaw Communications' commitment to the adaptive reuse of existing structures and materials. In fact, Shaw's design team decided to honour the facility's history by including "dairy/barn" reminiscent features into the new design. Shaw's design team specified the use of reclaimed wood from a disassembled Manitoban barn used to fabricate doors, large sliding barn-doors, windows throughout the space and various other millwork features. The team wanted (and got) an industrial barn style with polished concrete floors and cage lighting to pay homage to the facilities history.

The facility also includes a sizeable "Tech Touchdown" area with Lockers/Mail Cubbies for the technicians use. Each cubby includes power outlets which feature USB charging ports so that the technician’s mobile devices can be charged in a secure area. Check out our some of the photos HERE to see full size images to get a better idea of all of the interesting design featured in this project.

This project was very much a team effort including Shaw’s tremendously talented design team and gw architecture inc.

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