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Shaw Communications
Barlow Warehouse, Calgary, Alberta


A joint venture between the Karo Group and GW Architecture Inc. brought to life the 140,000 sq.ft. of new office interior and 150,000 sq.ft. of renovated interior office space, merging two corporate entities, Shaw Communications and Star Choice. 

The merging of two corporate cultures added a level of complexity to the design phase of this project. A communications plan was required to illustrate the benefits of the two corporate environments coming together.


Multiple user groups demanded numerous schematic evaluations regarding circulation, adjacency and collaboration in order to use the space to its best advantage and corporate objectives. Multiple stakeholder input meant careful facilitation to ensure project goals were met.


The transition into the new space required moving 1,700 employees in 4 phases, requiring parallel construction phasing. A complete building assessment and code review was required to ensure concepts met with life safety and comfort prior to construction documentation. Time was of the essence and delays arising from code issues and building constraints were avoided.

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