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Roehm Dental Office


​​This small dental practice is located in Morden, Manitoba, approximately one hour South of Winnipeg, was Dr. Roehm's second location.  Dr. Elli Roehm gave us carte blanche with her space and a budget. A designer’s dream client! 

This complete tenant improvement involved the demolition of the existing space to accommodate the new design.  We worked closely with the Doctor to develop a space plan and material usage that met the needs of staff and patients, keeping in mind a community atmosphere. 

Children's Dental World


Commissioned for both North and South locations in Winnipeg, the theme for the spaces was Children & Fun with an emphasis on functionality and traffic flow. Children are the focus of this practice; a small front door that only children can walk through, lowered reception desks, a large fish tank and fun furniture are features of the spaces. gw architecture inc. is involved in approximately 12 Dental Office renovations per year.

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