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our process

The process begins with a consultation at our office in the Exchange District of Winnipeg. Now is the time where we ask thoughtful and relevant questions to begin to understand what you are looking for in your new space, as well as potential budget and timelines. 


This phase begins with a visit to your space - to photograph, measure, and confirm the conversation from the consultation. We can begin to discuss possible solutions and take note of specific details and qualities that are already inherent to the existing environment. 

design development

This is where the dream starts to become reality. We will present you with a floor plan that addresses everything that we have been talking about in our preliminary conversations, and a design that works for you both functionally and aesthetically. We will discuss materials, furniture, appliances, and any other equipment that is required to complete the design.

At this point the details have all come together, and we work with you to source all of the trades required for the project to be built on time and on budget. Our attention to detail is crucial in this phase of the project, and with our expert planning we are able to provide you with a thorough and accurate timeline.

and delivery

The moment has arrived, and we are under construction. All of the design details are now coming into place and we will check in on the site regularly to ensure that everything is moving along according to plan. After construction is complete, we will ensure that all furniture and accessories are also delivered as scheduled. 


The project is now complete, and we will do a final walk through to make note of any small outstanding details, as well as discuss the care of your new space. The design has been realized, and you get to enjoy a custom designed interior environment that you will cherish for years to come. 

Process may adjust according to specific project needs and requirements

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