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Restaurants; Brandon, Manitoba + Winnipeg, Manitoba


Qdoba is a national franchise of fast food restaurants serving Mexican cuisine. GW Architecture Inc. was contracted to be the Prime Consultant for the design and construction of two Qdoba Restaurant locations in Winnipeg and Brandon, Manitoba.

Each project had detailed design specifications and standards that were governed by the corporate head office of the franchise. The franchise standards followed American building codes, which differ from Canadian building codes. GW Architecture was tasked with sourcing local equipment that met Qdoba’s national standards and complied with CSA standards and National Building Codes. 

The projects included a complete tenant fit-up as the lease-able spaces were not built to accommodate commercial kitchens. GW Architecture Inc. worked closely with the client, the engineers and equipment planners to design a commercial kitchen that would suit the needs of this unique fast-food environment. 

The result allowed each project to be tendered and built within the predetermined budget while meeting the aesthetic and functional expectations of the client. 

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