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National Bank of Canada
Waterfront Drive, Winnipeg, Manitoba


GW Architecture Inc. worked successfully with National Bank of Canada to design a renovation in this noticeable space on Waterfront Drive in Winnipeg, Manitoba.


This project offered a unique interior for our design team to incorporate in the design process. The existing structures each offered unique spaces that allowed our design team to incorporate the signature architectural details into the design. 

GW Architecture Inc. addressed the corporate culture, the local Clientele and existing space restrictions in our design concepts. National Bank of Canada maintains specific branding, including colour selections and logos, to be incorporated into the design package. Their furniture, fixtures and equipment are nationally specified; giving our design team specific parameters to work within.  

The result of this project being a refined space that provides functionality to the staff and building users, while portraying the corporate culture and simultaneously welcoming the public into a transformed environment. 

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