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MNP Humboldt

Humboldt, Saskatchewan

As our third commission for this client, we developed a good understanding of the MNP corporate culture and their work process. This project focused on the activities of its user groups and how individuals function in the office space daily. 

This building in Humboldt, Saskatchewan has a unique exterior, but inside is where the story really begins.  When you walk in, you immediately experience MNP’s solid commitment to their clients.  Time and material are not wasted; efficiency and thoroughness are evident. MNP Humboldt was conceived, designed, built and occupied within a year. 


Recognizing the time constraint, GW Architecture Inc, Crane Steel Structures and MNP’s Facilities Managers collaborated and determined that a demountable wall system for the majority of the interior would be the best solution to meet the deadlines, while maintaining a quality aesthetic. 

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