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This phase will include site visits and meetings to photograph, measure, and go deeper into the discussion of wants and needs for the project. We will work with the client to outline the functional and spatial requirements that will guide us in preparing optimal design options. These design options will address adjacencies within the tenancy, square footage allowances, material and furniture requirements, and overall usability of the new space. After presenting two design options, we will work together in choosing the most suitable option to pursue and develop in detail.

design development

In design development we are able to provide a completed floor plan as well as a full set of corresponding construction drawings. We work in tandem with our consultants to ensure a well-rounded set of drawings and specifications that clearly communicate all design aspects and intents to the contractor. We are able to provide finishing material options as well as provide a full furniture, fixture, and equipment design that will optimize functionality and environmental quality of the interior space.

tender and

We are able to manage the acquisition of approvals and permits from authorities having jurisdiction. We will also assist the project manager in the acquisition of construction contracts, including conducting the invitation to bid, arranging a site inspection, replying to queries and assisting in the review and assessment of submissions. This might also include a thorough furniture procurement package that is consistent with all aspects of the interior design.


We will provide construction contract administration services, ie shop drawing review, etc. We will be available to provide intermittent site visits to monitor, measure, and test the Contractor’s work until completion to ensure that construction is in accordance with the requirements of the plans and specifications. Additionally, we are able to  monitor and maintain accurate records and documentation of all work performed by the contractor - all progress claims, change orders, interim and final certificates will be signed by the on-site visitor. We will ensure that we and our sub-consultants are available for regular on-site visits, until the completion of the work, to ensure that all construction is in accordance with the contract documents, plans and specifications. We will also monitor and manage the cost estimating, design and specifications development.

Process may adjust according to specific project needs and requirements

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