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Can Do People
William Avenue, Winnipeg, Manitoba


Can Do People is an organization that provides a day program for adults diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder and other exceptional behaviors. 

The spatial needs and requirements for this project were unique. Our team developed a program with the client that outlined the requirements for their organization. The program assisted in the analysis and condition assessment of 3 spaces; resulting in the selection of 948 William Avenue - a historic curling arena. 

The transformation of this building from a curling rink to a functional day center for adults was significant.  The condition assessment identified areas of improvement in regards to life safety, barrier free accessibility and building envelope. 

Our thought leadership process brought added value to this project during the functional programming with the Client. Can Do People had very specific special requirements for the operation of this space. Through focus groups and individual interviews

GW Architecture Inc. lead the Client through a discovery of the spatial requirements. Our team analyzed these requirements and transformed them into a schematic design that addressed each specific requirement. 

This project was complete in 2015 and has been successfully providing a functional space for the Can Do People since. 

The link below features their grand opening event in 2015:

Can Do People Grand Opening (CTV News)

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