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Beach House

2,800 sq.ft. Home, Playa Coco, Nicaragua

Form, function and modern design come together on the Pacific Coast of Nicaragua, 10 KM north of the Costa Rican border in a region known as Playa Coco.


The owners of this space originated in Canada and were residing in China during the design and construction process. Our ability to communicate seamlessly across multiple countries allowed the design of this home to flow smoothly throughout the process. 


With as much deck space as living space and a two storey sliding glass wall,

GW Architecture Inc. has made the most of the beach experience for this Canadian couple. 

Upon arrival one immediately notices glimpses of the ocean beyond the house before reaching the magnificent 10 foot solid wood double-door entry.  On crossing the threshold you are immersed in the nearly surreal view of the ocean just 100 feet beyond the property. The ocean-front experience and beach living was our objective in this design project. 


The couple now happily occupy their modern and extremely functional five bedroom, 2,800 sq.ft. beach house for half of the year. 

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